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ESWL which suits for small and medium-sized hospital because of its low cost. It looks beautiful, luxurious and refined, streamlined design and fully functional, producing exquisite yet inexpensive, a higher level but same price compare with other devices in the market. It is an important contribution of Hyde to popularity the lithotripter.


1. Using B-ultrasound locating system, no radiation pollution and harm, directly target negative calculus.

A creation in the world, “green shock wave source”, using electromagnetic shock wave source, low energy, less pain, little damage, little noise, the average life more than 1 million times. Therapy cost nearly close to zero.

2. Shock wave source fixed outside the treatment bed, this is convenient for doctor operate the equipment.

Flexible multi-angle, large scope B-ultrasound locating system, measure distance, focal point distance and read directly, conveniently, accurately and stably.

3. Treatment bed side control box, LCD screen, control box can 90° vertical drop to void patient touch.

4. Adopted PLC circuit, high reliability, convenience for maintain.

5. Smash energy adjustable, select triggering frequency

6. Water cycle, automatic exhausting, thermostat device.

7. Small volume, light weight, detachable main unit, professional transport wheels, convenient for install.

8. Power supply 220V, ≤3KW.

9. Main unit and treatment bed integrated design, without external electrical cable (except power source and ground wire), do not need professional install. After open the packing, connect the power then device can be use (For experienced doctor).

10. Reserved intelligent automatic positioning function interface, can be upgraded to automatic target system (optional).

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